New Poems!


For the week of June 22nd, here is the latest poems from 1900 Sheppard’s finest poets:


GIVER from Whitney

and an exclusive mash-up poem by Kizzy & Whitney soon to be produced into a video. As well as group haikus, as the ladies from 1900 exercise their skills and try the Japanese literary form. More to come, we’re just getting started!


Dis World Crazy

By: Roots Kizzy

People in dis world crazy I’m feeling sane,

feelin’ like I gotta spill my pain

on dis rhythm. More

women with words…HAIKUS

Haiku: a Japanese poem based on three lines or phrases following a 5/7/5 syllable pattern;

the first line has 5 syllables or “morae”,

the second has 7 and the final again has five syllables


Tim Horton’s

Cost me all my dough

Cream cheese and bagel

That I bought from Tim Horton’s


That muthafucka!

Can’t live with or without him

Get a life, grow up

(Lawd, you make me bawl!)


I am quiet rage

Anger is my best weapon

I cannot be stopped


So clear, so vivid

It has taken me somehow

To a place of hope


By: Whitney

I woke up feeling like a giver

feeling bigger, like a hot-shot

singer, wondering how much it is

I dish out

or give out to those around…


giving out time, money, energy, love

and creativity without so much

as a transaction fee

I give you my heart, my heat

my beat my breath

my steps are collected in your pockets

across your mind while my steps are shared out to the fam

and friends who fiend for more

and more of me

and what I give,

which is



by The Wordsmithz

This winter was a mean, lifeless,

bitter January days. but now

with our new beginning, causes us to be self-centered and

isolated by pain.

My lifeless body layed dormant in the

snow, while the icy wind pierced my face with fierce. Tired of hibernation,

I look for a new beginning; no more accidents, no more trouble, no more

pain in the ass unfriendly company.

I embrace the times that were fun,

as I look to the blue sky.

My winter is blinding, white, dark, cold and

full of pain – I’m so isolated, depressed and

scared; the snow is overwhelming making me

feel lonely. It’s always night, never bright

keeping me in fright.

I am winter born in winter but yet again

born in summer. I am carefree but yet

trapped inside my materialistic ways on this

cold dark, dark night. I’m fly, so fresh and


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