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By: Whitney


this boy always giving me problems

but non of that matters

when the ground shakes

and the girls next door whisper of

earthquakes More


by Roots Kizzy & Whitney

people in dis world crazy

and I still wake up feeling like a giver

feeling sane

feeling bigger

feeling like a gotta spill my pain on this rhythm

like a hot-shot singer

wanna remember soothing

sounds of a river in a past life


how I live in this city that smells like sewers?

I dish it out, all my time

my money

my energy

my love

my cre-a-tiv-ity

without so much

as a transaction fee

no more!

no more of me

I just wanna be by the shore across my mind.

the shore across





Before and After

by Shanae

I thought we were

whole then you tore

us apart. Let me on

the side like a lonely

soul. Now all that

left of me is pieces

of a puzzle I can no longer put


all because you left me for another

but wait let me think

I never thought of this before, I

should’ve second guessed you when you

took me to da shop and bought me dat

ink. So Imma gather ma composure

stick ma head up high and say with

much grace. I am what I was before you and with out you I’m

even better.


This poem is based on an a brainstorm on the word POWER during Books and Flicks Club. Everybody threw out words that came to their minds when they heard the word POWER. Some of the words were Love, Respect, Government, Control, Change, Beauty, Authority, People, Race, Energy, Manipulation, Vanity and Education.

Step two was to write one positive line about power and one negative line about power: Here’s Ladeen’s lines:

by Ladeen

We all come from different races

with beauty that’s a pretty face

but without respect and education

where would we be placed.


Change is what we need

and power to stabilize

but with a government with corrupt authority

will only lead to manipulation.


A soul displaying no luv

manipulates others

with their power of strength

that serves as a weakness

limited time to eradicate fear.


Emotions are like a collage of pictures

you’ve painted over

sometimes almost like your mind automatically

pressed the save button on areas in your life

that you need to work on.

By reflecting on these auto memories

when we’re in a similar situation it brings back all the feelings from the past

to meet this current

creating this wave

into one emotion.

Text Message

by Miss Cola

‘Call now I’m off the phone.’ These words wake me from my sleep. I stare at those words over and over only to realize that the message wasn’t for me. Cause see the message came from the phone of the man that I just hung up the phone with. And see he told me he’d talk to me another day because I laid there sleeping and unable to speak. So you see my dilemma the message wasn’t for me. At 12:35 in the morning that message came and I immediately thought It was a girl cause that man don’t really eva be talking to dudes so late. Almost instantly I felt like I was having a déjà vu. First year university I sat in my car parked at school me and dude was fighting. I suspected he was talking to another g and sho nuff when I clicked that phone in his ear he sent me a text. The moment I read those words they stung my heart like a thousand daggers. The message wasn’t meant for me.


The Betrayal

by Miss Cola

Place is dark

and all of a sudden there’s a striking pain in my back.

I feel the cold metal piercing my fleshy skin.

It digs deeper

and deeper

and I ball out in pain.

Why Lord?



By Amber:

Earthquake’s coming

I can see it in my mother’s eyes

Her tummy rumbles before the soil begins to shake More


By Maltia:

My entire life I’ve been searching for happiness
I began to think it was non existent
Having a child young didn’t make my life easy More

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