The Betrayal

by Miss Cola

Place is dark

and all of a sudden there’s a striking pain in my back.

I feel the cold metal piercing my fleshy skin.

It digs deeper

and deeper

and I ball out in pain.

Why Lord?

Now I hear laughfter all around me.

And the tears flow

creating an ocean on the floor in front of me.


my mind goes blank.


I try to stand

only to feel the stinging of a whip on my back.

The whip is hot and loud

like the judgemental words being yelled at me.

I can’t take it.

I refuse to lay down and die.

So I run.

Run for my life.

Pow pow pow.

Everything went black

and I went down face first.

I open my eyes and realize I’m in a bathroom by myself.

I run to the mirror to see the marks left on my broken body.

Only they weren’t there.


Then it hit me,

it was just an allusion.

None of it was real,

at least physically.

The observation I made from that one experience was incredible.

The more good things I do in society

the more people wanna bring me down. I

gotta watch my back stay close to nobody.

Cause everything you just read

is what happenes when you’re too open with people.

You allow them in

and they in turn stabbed, whipped, and shot your ass down.


Sickness has taken over me

but I refuse to lay down and let sickness take full control of me

Cause see I been blessed with the ability to believe in a power greater than me

I’ve been blessed with the ability to pray

And when I pray the heavens will open up

and God himself will look down on me

smile at his beautiful child

and say sickness flee from thee

Sickness will no longer be

because I am the almighty

and I am greater than this sickness that has you down

When you are sick don’t frown

or let it get you down

Rise up and fight

so that the sickness can take flight

So I sit here blackberry in hand

and I challenge sickness

to try and hold me down

I challenge it to make me frown

And try and silence

the sound and the words within me

If I can’t speak

because I’m sick with a throat infection

I will do a full body inspection

and realize that I am able to still write

and with a pen in hand

or blackberry in pocket

I will continue to write

and blow people’s mind socket

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