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Anne B Real: Video of the Week!

ANNE B. REAL is the coming of age story of a young female rapper, who finds her inspiration by reading the Diary of Anne Frank

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By: Maltia

All you boys claiming you men
need to stop being so 1 dimensional
Lying,cheating, deceiving filled my heart with so much lies that its bleeding
Using your hands to get your point across
calling me names, telling me I aint good enough
Check yourself before you wreck yourself
messing with a Black Womans head
Damn, you got some nerve
You told me I was your world
I loved being your girl
So i carried your seed thought you would marry me
but you were too busy
stuck downtown running around
chippin it down with all your homies
I hope them n****s hold you tight when you feeling lonely
Im doing this mother thing on my own
Cause the man i wanted to be with wont come home
And my mind is too complex to deal with your lies
but time heals pain thats something I realized


By: Miss Cola

Born into a family of two
A little girl struggles an wonders what to do
Cause see her folks be workin hard
Tryna get that money right
While she ends up all alone night after night
They don’t se the pain an anguish they cause.

Too busy preachin’ the gospel an followin’ bible laws
Picked on and tease this little girl can’t understand
Y god would allow her to be placed on this cruel land

full of hatred and trouble.
This girl was double in size
And no one realize the sadness in her eyes
Her parents were too busy for love so she found it somewhere else
A group of guys all different size came and ripped open her thighs and took somethin’ she’ll never get back
Thought it was love but it wasn’t
Love couldn’t be so cold
But how would she know
She was only 15 years old
Never had the courage to stand up an be bold
And tell the truth
It was rape
Like blinds hidden behind a drape
The secret of this encounter would remain taped up and silence
For her knowledge only
But when the truth came out it only left her lonely
Her mother never understood and wanted to send her away
But her father seemed to lover her enough to let her stay
love what a funny word to be said
Cause this so called love makes me wish I were dead.

Ode to Clyde

By: Miss Cola

He is strong, reliable, my ride or die forever
He’s my best friend, my main man who leaves me never.
We have several comminalities
We like the same color blue
You like to ride n I like to ride in yu too
Do yu memba when we first met
Ya I kno yu do
I knew right away that I loved yu and I’d always be true
True you and I had our ups and downs

You’ve made me cry and you’ve made me frown but regardless me n yu always be crusin’ town
Made me look good when mans dem be around
Yu was born is 02 an me in 89
But together we both shined
I gotchu
Boo hoo I heard the horrible news
The man at the shop hit me wit these big ass blues
I loved yu more than a brand new pair of shoes
Heard yu was dying got me sighin..jus all crazy upset
Jus here reminiscing again bout when we first met
Hmmm how could I forget
Got all my belongings set
And  I was free
And I see my baby was stuntin like me
gotta be grateful for yu sharin yur life with me
Yu been alive for 8 and mine for 4
I’d never close the door
But once more
I love yu
Yu were always by my side
I was yur bonnie and yu my clyde
My ride or die
good bye to my supa fly

Empty Fills

By: Roots Kizzy

What do I say to an empty page preeing me with nothing to say?
Tells me look deep, and I just stare away.
But soon enough I feel the pen start to sway into alphabet spirals.
The ether in me is invited to dance.
Expressions take a chance to explain to this blank page my feelings locked away.
Is my pen the key or my courage unlocking destiny?
I mean what is meant to be just happens right?
Wordz take flight.
My mind is moving through time and space trying to remember my past life birthplace.
What brought me here?
FEAR?………..FEAR of Mastering FEAR?
To come here again and steer my vessel AGAIN!!!!
Repetition a friend that never leaves, but has tricks up the sleeves.
I begin to believe that repetition is good when good repeats, but wanna blame the devil game when BAD brings HEAT.
And when BAD repeats, who then is repetition to me?
Leaves me confused like a prison inmates, fresh bait to a world outside paradise gates.
So I guess that’s why we are sometimes met with the blank page to make sense of the mess.
So I mess up this page up with the CRUMP, and let loose.
Reminded of the melanated ones with a noose round they neck squeezing the life dead……..hung heads.
I live to tell a tale….Stories achieve and stories fail.
Will my stories sail across seas, through skies breeze and land in minds like my wordz land these lines of the blank page?
This world a stage to perform my symphony.
I pray ears listen to me.

First Funeral

By: Whitney

Adam buries  corpse, dead Eve from Garden

Her illness: Jehavoah’s knowledge learned



Obituary prepared quickly

Runs silently through vengeful weeping.

eX-Yahwed’s Zion


By: Roots Kizzy

Alone Being Caressed Deeply
Ebony Finesse Gives Heat
I Journey Knowing Love
Missing Nurture
Open Pages Questions Racing
Searching Towards U
Vibrant Wishes Xumes Yearned Zeal

Women’s Words

By: Roots Kizzy

They bring life to souls who possess the will to be physical.
They bring tears and laughter simultaneously.
Emotions deep like the Atlantic,
run long up the river nile.
Back to the dayz when Queens were Heads of the Army,
giving commands and strategies that led nations to victory!
Bringing about the revolution of Womens’ Rights being respected.
Telling stories of struggles, acceptions and rejections.
Her wordz bring power to a nation.
Give inspiration and motivation to a Woman like me.
Womens wordz are a gateway for love, for truth, for peace, for freedom, for justice.
Womens Wordz will not go unheard.

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