By: Miss Cola

Born into a family of two
A little girl struggles an wonders what to do
Cause see her folks be workin hard
Tryna get that money right
While she ends up all alone night after night
They don’t se the pain an anguish they cause.

Too busy preachin’ the gospel an followin’ bible laws
Picked on and tease this little girl can’t understand
Y god would allow her to be placed on this cruel land

full of hatred and trouble.
This girl was double in size
And no one realize the sadness in her eyes
Her parents were too busy for love so she found it somewhere else
A group of guys all different size came and ripped open her thighs and took somethin’ she’ll never get back
Thought it was love but it wasn’t
Love couldn’t be so cold
But how would she know
She was only 15 years old
Never had the courage to stand up an be bold
And tell the truth
It was rape
Like blinds hidden behind a drape
The secret of this encounter would remain taped up and silence
For her knowledge only
But when the truth came out it only left her lonely
Her mother never understood and wanted to send her away
But her father seemed to lover her enough to let her stay
love what a funny word to be said
Cause this so called love makes me wish I were dead.

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