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“Spreading Love – Showing Respect & Paying Homage!!!” is an online ode to all great aspects of Hip-Hop. Featuring the Art of the multi-talented SteelCity dweller Eklipz, HipHop-Homage is a portal to express and expose the culture and art of Hip Hop – its Pioneers, Icons and future Stars. This week’s feature is a poetic collabo titled GRAF: wordz by Motion, layout & illustration by Eklipz, and photography by awk.

Featured Wordz: ‘I Found It Hard’ by Kimolisa

For more of this womyn’s wordz check out her blog: Kim or Lisa.

I found it hard

To let go,
Pulling back the vines
Of my conscious
That curl around
The idea of you.

I found it hard
Not to pick up the phone
And dial the number
That is as familiar
To me as my own.

I found it hard
To not sit and remember
The good times we shared
Or what I believed
To be good times.

I found it hard
Not to remember
Your voice,
Your smile,
Your touch,
Your taste.

I found it hard
But not impossible
As I knew it was time
To let go,
To move on.

Hours will fade into days,
And days will melt into weeks,
Then weeks to months,
Then years
And by then, you will be
A Whisper of a memory.

So right now,
I will struggle
To forget you,
But I promise you,
It is a struggle
I will overcome.

You have already begun
To fade.

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…and this is for the young ones

thinking they gotta be wannabes

rollin around in mimi niki minaj crews

but i ask you, when has a mirage ever proven true?

don’t be mislead by the pretty things

pretty wings meant to fly not to hide ur eyes

fake lashes and fake clothes –

false knowings and false goals

don’t you think you’re worth more than a pound of fake gold?

forget about the baubles

shine from truth

shine for you…


…my AFRO’s as big as a mushroom cloud cuz i’ve got WAR on my mind

MASS MEDIA misiles aimed at my cerebellum

i try to tell ’em that i’m innocent

but they keep insisting that every instant that i’m THINKING

i’m a menace to THE SYSTEM

a suspect, armed and dangerous, simply because i QUESTION…

I Am Everything

By: Shanae

I am the King, the Queen and Everything in between

I am the Pedistal on which you stand just so you can be seen

I am the Fuel to your fire

The Need in your every desire

But yet, faithful complier

Cause I am the King, the Queen and everything in between

I am the Person you depend on

The person should you lean on, the counciler you confide in

I am neither left or right hand

I am Both Hands, “Understand?”

Neither one or the other but both

Your Sister and your Lover

dub insomnia

by Amber

Night thoughts chase   the dawn

As day breaking dreams are born

In the madness of midnight suns

Makeshift cock calls riddle his eardrums

And he presses the snooze button on the alarm clock

Although he hasn’t slept yet

Dressed yet?

He still wears the slacks with the syrup stains

And the crumpled lunch receipt in the back pocket

Can’t remember what he had

But he knows it was awful

Stomach grumbles

As he reaches for another packet of ramen

“Shit, I shoulda never left

Sun rays for snowy landscapes

Coal pots for coffee cups…

And Mama.”

Night thoughts chase   the dawn

As day breaking dreams are born

In the madness of midnight suns

The sky’s sparkling black pupils scorn his footsteps

“How dare you disturb this world’s slumber.”

But down under, he’s just another number

On another block, in a far away city

And even he haffu eat

So he stumbles on to the street

Sneakers saddening pavement as baby sleeps

Sweating for dimes

Fingers slipping through time

Souls caked in mud

Does hope die with the settling son?

Night thoughts chase the dawn

Day breaking dreams are born

In the madness




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