Where Did You Go?

by Amahnee

Your melt in my mouth melanin lingers

Like the bitter after-taste of longing

I keep searching the contours of my skin

For the remnants of your kisses –

The atlas to my dotted line desires.

Tongue like a felt tip pen

You bleed through my flesh

And stain the innermost

Like a ghost

Phantom touches on my chest.

Where did you go?

Midnight imaginings tick- tick- ticking the time away

As I create your vision in the mezzanine of my mind

Crayola dreams

‘Cause when I think of you, I tend to wax-poetic

But this mosaic of memory falters on the precipice

So I let my eyes lay in the darkness a little bit longer

And feed this hunger

To the resonating rhythm of a heart drummed beat

Where did you go?

Tiptoeing thoughts maraud my body

Snatching emotions from the depths

Hopes crash against my lashes

And lights ricochet off the lens

The sky raises its diadem, mocking a defeated night

And I sense my soul’s mutiny wading in the waters



Where did you go?

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