To All My Friends…Who Are No Longer My Friends

By Miss Cola

I blame myself for your insecurities
I blame myself every time you’ve left me
I blame myself cause I can’t see
That the problem never truly was
I struggle to express how I feel
So I loose out on keeping’ it real
Give me a pen an I can write
But with my voice it ain’t a pretty sight
What I really wanna say won’t cum
So I look dumb
Sittin’ here textin’ away
When yu just told me straight to my face
Its over
What’s over?
We were never together
Yu mean this friendships over?
My minds racin’
The tears are dropping’
Don’t matta woman or a man
Its my time I’ve invested
In being a true friend to you
Then I think maybe that’s not true
Maybe I wasn’t as true as I thought
Cause den why would yu leave?
Why would yu wanna throw a friendship away?
I’ve been hurt by both sexes
Done everything’ I could
An still was not even good enough to be called yur friend
Ha ha took me off Facebook
Like it really makes a difference
But I guess yu feel like yu need to show the world
Friends no more
I laugh but it hurts
I smile then I cry
Our days are numbered
There’s no more time for childish games an drama
I’m back to the question why? Why though?
I’ve tried to ask
Nobody will eva gimme a good answer
A real answer to satisfy my heart from breakin’
Or my tears from makin’ a river next to my pillow
Now y’all wonder how I could get so involved
Or so attached
To another human being
Who isn’t even my match, yet just another friend
But lemme tell yu
I live in a cliché world
my closes friends have betrayed me
All except two….not including God cause he said he’ll never leave me or forsake me
And his words are forever true
Regardless I allowed myself to be open like a book
Jus’ tryna keep things honest
And would yu kno they use the same things against me?
Just plain evil an lack of judgement
Tryna use my pain and throw it back in my face
This is why I blamed me myself miss cola for your insecurities
I figured there muss be a reason y u trippin’
Then I realize
It wasn’t me I couldn’t do nothing’ to stop yu
While I know my purpose for what I do, you still searching’ looking for answers
Answers that can’t be found in me
So yu had to move on
And reason being why u had no answers fo me
Is cause yu don’t kno
Yu really jus’ don’t kno
And its easier to blame someone else
Then look in a mirror an take responsibility
Its easy to blame someone for being too nice
All you do is every time they do something nice you tell them they always throwing it back in your face to hurt yu
To have one thing over yu
Its east to blame someone who tried to help you out
Just tell them they’ve been taken’ advantage of you by making you pay them money you owe
Its easy to blame someone who has yur best interest at heart
Start spreading’ rumours that’ll destroy them an act like you knew nothing about it
And every single time you’ll blame yourself because you feel like you are responsible
You feel like you owed them something an you failed
Well it’s time to let go
I hope they soon realize all they’ve done
An if they don’t then no worries
They’re still blinded searching for answers an there’s nothing i could have done
I blamed myself for their insecurities
I blamed myself every time they left me
I blamed myself cause I couldn’t see
That the problem never truly was
Its was them

Started off writing about one, then realized it was many

Many lies hidden in the shadows

No light shining through

Darkness all around
but now I’m through

Can’t afford to blinded any more
Thank you God

You shined a bright light

And allowed me to see all the wolves in sheep clothing

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