Ode to Clyde Pt. 2

By Miss Cola

So I said goodbye

Tried not to cry

Cause my love for yu will truly never die

I found someone new

But he don’t even like my fav colour blue

An he don’t even ride like you use to

I keep seeing yu

Every time I go to that one spot





Missing you boo

After months of being apart

I can’t take it no more

I miss the way yu used to keep me warm

During those cold winter months

Or the nice cold air yu blew

Once summa rolled round

I’m sorry

I took one persons opinion of you an jus’ gave yu away

I treated yu bad

Please don’t be mad

In our last months together

We hit some real rough patches

Well mainly yu

But I should’ve stayed true

An held yu down

Especially since yu carried me all around town

All I really did was leave yu alone

But now dis nex man hit me wit some fabulous news

so I no longer gotta sing dem big ass blues

Said yu ain’t hard to fix

Couple new parts an you’ll be remixed

Couple g’s down

Almost made frown

But ill be glad we can go back to cruisin’ town


Seriously I’m yours forever

So do me a favor boo

Keep strong

An lookin’ as good as yu do

I’ll be back at the spot

to check yu

Can’t even lie I’m excited to see yu

N bring yu home

Home is where yu belong

My supa fly car

This is for yu Clyde….


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