By Whitney


I used to think that

my skin

was too light

when I was younger

I’d fish

for a crayon

that matched my face

and I was left grappling two colours:


and orange


I was 6 years old and couldn’t pronounce


so I decided to announce

to my mother that

“I n’orange Momma!”

She yelled at me

I got the wrong answer

“You’re black

my black child”

but she wasn’t


only rough and upset

by my confusion


I went back to the crayon box

and lined up the


crayon to my arm

It looked wrong

I held it up

against my hair

it seemed to match

and my friend Sarah her hands were


but mom called her


White is the colour of the inside of her eyes

“She peach and I n’orange”

but mom

didn’t want to hear any of it.




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