Rootz Kizzy featured in Our Hope for Children @ 2011 Nuit Blanche

Our Hope for Children art installation by the OACAS was featured at this year’s Nuit Blanche in Toronto. The streets were packed to from dusk to the break-a-dawn as stayed awake all nite long, finding art in the most usual and unusual places. Shining in Yonge Street’s Additionelle store windows, 45 portraits represented the faces and voices of the city, blending words and images into “Poetik Portraits.”

The exhibit was a collabo featuring the up close and personal imagery of photographer John Beebe and poetiks of Womenz Wordz own Motion. The exhibit featured the faces and words of artists, youth workers, community builders and peoples from around the way who stopped by to share their thoughts on the theme of Hope for the younger generation. Spoken word poet Rootz Kizzy was larger-than-life, joining the likes of Tdot notables, J-WyzeMark StrongDJ L’oqenz,Tamara ShellyBrandon HayeQuentin VercettyLa BombaKoncept KingTamara DawittTheo 3,  Jo AltilliaLove Jones Sundays. Rootz Kizzy’s quote, “A Legacy,” reflects her own poetic motivation to empower and enlighten with each word she speaks.


Feverish Buzz

by Shanae Smith

Warm blood running through me

my body he was into it

holding hands we were intimate

kissing on his full lips

he’s gripping on ma thighs

while I gaze into his eyes

heavy breathing in my chest

now he’s feeling up my breast

we gon thrust and then slam

to the beat of our heartbeats

wrapped up in da sheets

do anything to get a piece of you

but somehow it feels as if I’m leasing you

Ask me not to fake

when all you do is pretend

tried to tell you how I feel but,

you was too busy gettin in.


(from HOLLAH!)


by Shanae Smith

Born with fair skin

full lips

Beautiful brown eyes

Looking right towards the sky

Five hours and 20 min.

she’s all mine

my arms cradled her

while my hands held her tight

for this night was the best night of my life.

Morning has come

already my worry has begun

to me she was perfection

deserved all of my love and affection

life had a whole nother lesson for her

society’s definition of beautiful stood at the extent of her long curly hair

how would i tell her

should i start by saying

there is no such thing as black and white

just a world full of people

filled with insecurities they feel they must hide

divided by pride and a bunch of hatred inside

tricked by the illusion of colour

i would have to explain to her why a white man is pink and a black man is really brown

one day i will tell her that the world is cold but

no matter what you stay bold

hold your  ground and never frown

don’t let anything they throw at you get you down

image is just an excuse they use to amuse

refuse to take form to an inevitable norm

remember where you came from

always know where you’re going

steer clear of confusion

even if the rain is pouring

cause precision is the way to growth.

after all this my dear,

Mommy just wants you to know that

” I love you”

and soon you will know that all i have said

is true and to just “Be you.”

(from HOLLA!)

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