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d’bi young’s “Word!Sound!Powah!” a Riveting eXperience!

Review by Brianna Smith aka Nola Rhymez
d’bi young.anitafrika gave a powerful execution of a young girl’s story taking place in Jamaica during the time of political election. Her performance of Word.Sound.Powah was a riveting experience as she kept the stage vibrant and packed with energy!  I was completely drawn in by her ability to act out mutiple roles at once while engaging the audience throughout the entire play! The message I recieved was to always stand for your rights no matter the consequence. As d’bi stressed strongly,  “Death Before Dishonor” and in so many words Unity is Vital!

Sway Magazine Covers Literature for Life’s White, Black and Read All Over

with a special mention for Womenz Wordz, Rootz Kizzy!


… Spoken word poet, writer and Literature for Life Ambassador Roots Kizzy was introduced to the program only a year ago through her own home.

She said, “I love the movement, I love the cause they’re working for right now. Building healthy women  and children is important right now, especially for young Black women. It helped me to be able to interact, to be able to move into networking with women across the city. The writing circle is what helped build up my motivation because I was already writing and I was already performing and needed an outlet to explore different venues different people.”

Kizzy delivered two powerful pieces to a resounding applause throughout the room. Her voice alone dictated control and authority. Writing since the age of ten, Kizzy grew through the program and is now looking forward to her first work of poetry being published in December.

Kizzy was mentoring young women within her own community before becoming an ambassador for Literature for Life.

“The program inspired me to be a better woman,” she said thoughtfully, “to be a better researcher and to just pursue my dreams as a woman, as a mother, to growing my child the way that’s best.”

[by Fabien Alexis for Sway Magazine; 2 Nov 2011]

Blessing and best wishes Kizzy!

Read more of the article and view pictures here.

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