Women on the Mic! Emcees Goin Hard!

It’s a powerful thing to see & hear these women dropping verses in the 1st ever Jane and Finch all-female Cypher! In an era when ears are hungry to feel that straight up, estrogen-energy in Rap, emcees Lola Bunz, Rushiie Raw, Badas$ Bukk and Womenz Wordz-own Rootz Kizzy, unify for 6 minutes of raw, unadulterated Hip Hop. A very necessary moment. Salute!


Behind the Scenes! Femcees Go Hard in the Jane & Finch Cypher

Behind the scenes at the all Female Jane and Finch Cypher features Tdot’s own Lolabunz, Rootz, Rushiie Raw and Badas$ Bukk. Official vid, co-directed by Femi Lawson, drops December 16th, 2011. Twenty-twelve watch OUT!


by Shanae 

Sweaty palms of my own demise

cover my face to block the sunrise

i should’ve



but i didn’t

now here i am still sittin

waiting for time fly by

looking for another reason why

i should have

could have

would have

but i didn’t

get out of bed or is it all just in my head

somehow my thoughts are being mislead

could it be my brain just needs to be fed

i wanna run free but

something is keeping me.

by Shanae

GRAF by Motion directed by Eklipz feat Zion

… in reMemory of the legendary graf artist Kase2 & all the midnite writers.

You can’t catch it

just snatches in frames that

fly past windows

inscripted in insidious

crevices and corners

scrawled on concrete slabs

of underpass


eyes peeled to feel the pressure

of fingers pressed on spray can tips

aerated shades

grow bold in phases

stage impromptu shows at the

sides of the road

It Burns

layin on lost walls

for the next eyes

they too will wonder why

these spaces found favour in the

eyes of midnite writers

scribes who

spray legacies of heiro’s

on the edge of city scapes

they’ll outlast our past

even when our last breath escapes

these dwellers create

carved calligraphies

script on brick

tattooed tags stain train skin

impromptu  impression

impressin dimension

destination,  eternal

so lost walls become


Subway Love

by Nicola

On the subway subway subway
One day
I was on the subway
I was on the subway
Comin from church
Got lost on the subway
But found yur love
On that same subway
The sheppard way
My final stop
1 bus
To my destination
1 must wonder how it came to be
Yu an me
Beautiful sight to see
My insecurites an my past have hauted me until yu came n set me free
Showed me a love that I never thought egxised
Told me to love myself and be me
And thats real
In that moment as I stepped off the train
I looked up yu looked at me
an for a spit second life and time jus paused
Doo doo doo
Doors be closin
I be walkin
Felt a hand
Take me hand an lead me away
Lol wth
I got lost in his brown eyes
Hmmm his brown eyes
Wasn’t tellin no lies
Said he loved my thighs
He smile I smile
What’s ya name
Cola yurs
Cute so wassup
Nun yu
Oh boo I had to holla at yu
Cause yu be mighty fine in that tight ass skirt
Ass so big an poppin
Almost lost my shirt
I chuckle a bit n my bat my eyes
Pinch me I’m in a dream
This mans way to fly
Down to business
How much kids yu got
3 yu
we walking an talkin tryna fine my bus
Saw the sunlight shine bright and glisten off his beautiful face
6’3 to 5’3
Tall to short
Light skin wit braids
Made me weak in the knees
Please lord please
Don’t let this man tease me
He leans close
I can feel his sweet warm breath on my neck
As I hold my face away
He leans closer to my ear an all I hear him say
Is yur so beautiful damn
Gimme ya numba girl please
I wanna chance to make yu smile
N imma do it with ease
My bus is here
I gotta go
I give him my numba an walk away
Ooo damn damn damn
Is what I hear him say
Sittin on the bus
Ring ring
All I wanted to do was hear yur voice one more time
Maybe we’ll meet up soon
But for now its js goodbye

Telephone Booth

by Ashley Dyette

Speak Millions To Me

Cream, Black, Gold, Dreads

Fair Skinned

Telephone Booth


Staring Wit Determination

With Struggle

With Heart, With Mission

Rectangles, Squares

Blues, Whites

Open Mouth, Big Thick Lips

Facial Hair…. Dem Tattoos “Soooooo Sexy”….

Moisturized Lips

Shiny Chain…. “Ballin


In The Mist

Into The Night Air…. The Night Sky…..

Woolen Vest

Fall Time, Struggle Time…

Hungry Time, Get My Money Time

Hood Time

Night Time, Right Time….

Wanting More, Yearning For More….

Eyes Glaring

Murda Man Flocka

Mad At All This Government Shit

Coming for these Niggaz Tonight….

Angry Searching For



by Gabriela & Rochelle

Rage i feel you in my mind
head pounding
rewinding the moments
playing in slooooooooow mode
body frozen
blood cold
feelin so heavy
thoughts analyze’n, pick out
crying and pain

My blood simmerzzzZ
vapor rizing
(szzzz)….. invisible burn
double minded
blood pressure rising
i’m dying

As Beautiful As A Sunset

By Niki Roberge

She is the end of the day
Colours changing from
Reddish orange to twilight blue
All of what happened today
Slowly diminishes with the light
She is beautiful and vast
Different every night
Changing with every season
She is telling you it’s time to sleep
And tomarrow’s another day
Sometimes she is crying
Sometimes she’s content
The warm breeze
Comforts her soul within
As darkness closes in around her
She smiles for she knows
She’s beautiful
No matter what
Tomorrow may bring

picture into words

by Miss Cola

Look pon di man wit di machup face
but look at the beautiful music he makes
jamaica i love with the long long dreds
da patois di food and i most definetly love
the swagga they be rocking
hat titled to the side
this man looks rough and beside him
stands his bride
looking so unimpressed

motion’s graf @ hiphop-homage.com

“Spreading Love – Showing Respect & Paying Homage!!!”

HipHop-Homage.com is an online ode to all great aspects of Hip-Hop. Featuring the Art of the multi-talented SteelCity dweller Eklipz, HipHop-Homage is a portal to express and expose the culture and art of Hip Hop – its Pioneers, Icons and future Stars. This week’s feature is a poetic collabo titled GRAF: wordz by Motion, layout & illustration by Eklipz, and photography by awk.

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