ON A POETIC PILGRIMAGE: Star Women the MixTape

Star Women: The Mixtape illuminates UK Hip Hop, with Poetic Pilgrimage’s celestial fusion.  Grab your DOWNLOAD at www.starwomenmixtape.com


Women on the Mic! Emcees Goin Hard!

It’s a powerful thing to see & hear these women dropping verses in the 1st ever Jane and Finch all-female Cypher! In an era when ears are hungry to feel that straight up, estrogen-energy in Rap, emcees Lola Bunz, Rushiie Raw, Badas$ Bukk and Womenz Wordz-own Rootz Kizzy, unify for 6 minutes of raw, unadulterated Hip Hop. A very necessary moment. Salute!

Behind the Scenes! Femcees Go Hard in the Jane & Finch Cypher

Behind the scenes at the all Female Jane and Finch Cypher features Tdot’s own Lolabunz, Rootz, Rushiie Raw and Badas$ Bukk. Official vid, co-directed by Femi Lawson, drops December 16th, 2011. Twenty-twelve watch OUT!

GRAF by Motion directed by Eklipz feat Zion

… in reMemory of the legendary graf artist Kase2 & all the midnite writers.

You can’t catch it

just snatches in frames that

fly past windows

inscripted in insidious

crevices and corners

scrawled on concrete slabs

of underpass


eyes peeled to feel the pressure

of fingers pressed on spray can tips

aerated shades

grow bold in phases

stage impromptu shows at the

sides of the road

It Burns

layin on lost walls

for the next eyes

they too will wonder why

these spaces found favour in the

eyes of midnite writers

scribes who

spray legacies of heiro’s

on the edge of city scapes

they’ll outlast our past

even when our last breath escapes

these dwellers create

carved calligraphies

script on brick

tattooed tags stain train skin

impromptu  impression

impressin dimension

destination,  eternal

so lost walls become


Telephone Booth

by Ashley Dyette

Speak Millions To Me

Cream, Black, Gold, Dreads

Fair Skinned

Telephone Booth


Staring Wit Determination

With Struggle

With Heart, With Mission

Rectangles, Squares

Blues, Whites

Open Mouth, Big Thick Lips

Facial Hair…. Dem Tattoos “Soooooo Sexy”….

Moisturized Lips

Shiny Chain…. “Ballin


In The Mist

Into The Night Air…. The Night Sky…..

Woolen Vest

Fall Time, Struggle Time…

Hungry Time, Get My Money Time

Hood Time

Night Time, Right Time….

Wanting More, Yearning For More….

Eyes Glaring

Murda Man Flocka

Mad At All This Government Shit

Coming for these Niggaz Tonight….

Angry Searching For


Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long

New single by Erykah Badu from the New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh album

“KeeP Shining”

Check the debut of Northside emcee SHAD’s brand new video “Keep Shining” featuring cameos by poet Sheniz, pioneering Hip Hop artist Michie Mee and Womenz Wordz own Amahnee. This one’s for the ladeez!


Far Away by Marsha Ambrosius

Reema Major out of Toronto

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