picture into words

by Miss Cola

Look pon di man wit di machup face
but look at the beautiful music he makes
jamaica i love with the long long dreds
da patois di food and i most definetly love
the swagga they be rocking
hat titled to the side
this man looks rough and beside him
stands his bride
looking so unimpressed


Text Message

by Miss Cola

‘Call now I’m off the phone.’ These words wake me from my sleep. I stare at those words over and over only to realize that the message wasn’t for me. Cause see the message came from the phone of the man that I just hung up the phone with. And see he told me he’d talk to me another day because I laid there sleeping and unable to speak. So you see my dilemma the message wasn’t for me. At 12:35 in the morning that message came and I immediately thought It was a girl cause that man don’t really eva be talking to dudes so late. Almost instantly I felt like I was having a déjà vu. First year university I sat in my car parked at school me and dude was fighting. I suspected he was talking to another g and sho nuff when I clicked that phone in his ear he sent me a text. The moment I read those words they stung my heart like a thousand daggers. The message wasn’t meant for me.


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