d’bi young’s “Word!Sound!Powah!” a Riveting eXperience!

Review by Brianna Smith aka Nola Rhymez
d’bi young.anitafrika gave a powerful execution of a young girl’s story taking place in Jamaica during the time of political election. Her performance of Word.Sound.Powah was a riveting experience as she kept the stage vibrant and packed with energy!  I was completely drawn in by her ability to act out mutiple roles at once while engaging the audience throughout the entire play! The message I recieved was to always stand for your rights no matter the consequence. As d’bi stressed strongly,  “Death Before Dishonor” and in so many words Unity is Vital!

Feverish Buzz

by Shanae Smith

Warm blood running through me

my body he was into it

holding hands we were intimate

kissing on his full lips

he’s gripping on ma thighs

while I gaze into his eyes

heavy breathing in my chest

now he’s feeling up my breast

we gon thrust and then slam

to the beat of our heartbeats

wrapped up in da sheets

do anything to get a piece of you

but somehow it feels as if I’m leasing you

Ask me not to fake

when all you do is pretend

tried to tell you how I feel but,

you was too busy gettin in.


(from HOLLAH!)

Author of Lit4Life Favourite “The Coldest Winter Ever” Sister Souljah LIVE in TOronto!!

Holla!: The Book Launch


A misty morning became the darkest of days ;

arresting the light ;

raindrops and sorrow

bleeding black into the night.

Telephone Booth

by Ashley Dyette

Speak Millions To Me

Cream, Black, Gold, Dreads

Fair Skinned

Telephone Booth


Staring Wit Determination

With Struggle

With Heart, With Mission

Rectangles, Squares

Blues, Whites

Open Mouth, Big Thick Lips

Facial Hair…. Dem Tattoos “Soooooo Sexy”….

Moisturized Lips

Shiny Chain…. “Ballin


In The Mist

Into The Night Air…. The Night Sky…..

Woolen Vest

Fall Time, Struggle Time…

Hungry Time, Get My Money Time

Hood Time

Night Time, Right Time….

Wanting More, Yearning For More….

Eyes Glaring

Murda Man Flocka

Mad At All This Government Shit

Coming for these Niggaz Tonight….

Angry Searching For


The AMY Project 2011 presents “Check Out”

Friday April 8th – 8pm
Saturday April 9th – 2pm
Saturday April 9th – 8pm

$15 in advance or ‘pay what you can’ at the door

A woman lines up at the return counter to get a refund for ‘the perfect dad’ product; a customer goes shopping for words and discovers that “pressure” and “can’t” are the only ones she seems to be able to afford; a BFF doll stands on a shelf selling herself to passersby. CHECK OUT chronicles a full day of operations at The More Frills Super Mega Ultimate Extreme Shopping Centre Place. This multi-disciplinary performance piece takes a playful look at the things we value and asks us how much we are willing to pay.


The AMY Project 2011 ensemble:

WomenwithWordz very own Nicola Bennett (MissCola)

with Emma Eichman, Tharnya Gengathata, Funmilola Lawson, Mercedes Morris, Noelle-Najmaah Nedrick, Grace Phan, Sukey Richards, Shannon Saikkonen, Ana Maria Higuera Tirado

Co-Directed by: Claire Calnan & Lisa Codrington


To get tickets call the Theatre Passe Muraille Box Office at 416.504.7529 or go online to artsboxoffice.ca


By Rochelle David


I wasn’t always bitter you

made me bitter first you were hard

then broken through the layers you were so sweet

after taking my time caressing you with my tongue

back and forth up and down this way and that

why when I got to the core I noticed the flavour wasn’t

there no more


I’m bitter

Bad News Brown [Play In Peace]

Representing Haiti, Montreal and the Northside, BAD NEWS BROWN was a talented musician who leaves a legacy of soul stirring, hard-hitting sounds. An emcee and harmonica playa, BNB will continue to echo long past his time on Earth.

True Beauty

by Niki

She is the start of the day
dim at first then   gradually getting brighter
protruding colours of yellow   and pink
punching through dark shadows
that linger like fresh morning dew
she offers you a chance for change
forgetting all of what happened yesterday
she can be kind and unforgiving
she can be calm and offer you comfort
other days she can be cold    and undetected
But still   she is constantly
reminding you it’s a new day
when you look at her you dont reconize her
although she’s there everyday
many times you look past her    don’t even acknowledge she is there
But she is there
and yet you are too blind to see
her true beauty


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