A collection of dramatic writings, skits and monologues.

Games Girls Play



Shanae, Roots Kizzy, Whitney, Amber

Girls run in and play three sets of rock paper scissors. Shanae wins the round and the other three girls turn away disappointed. Shanae steps forward.

Shanae:            Aisha and Kennith sittin in a tree
All girls:            K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Shanae:            First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in a rocking chair.

All girls laugh and giggle.

Shanae:            At the time we thought it was a joke, but everybody knows
when you ain’t heard from neither one of them in a while… well…you know
At first it was nine months, then a year.
As wind blew away her tears, Aisha stood on her porch thinking about how Kennith done gone on, rolled away like a rolling stone.

Whitney:            (singing soulfully) And all he left us was alone.
Shanae:            She looks down at Junior….
(singing) Hush little baby don’t you cry, mama’s gonna sing you a lullaby, and if that lullaby don’t sing, mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring

All girls raise their left hand and look at it thoughtfully.

Shanae:            I should have had one of those…before I opened up my legs.
(singing) Mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring.

Kizzy:            (singing) There’s a brown girl in the ring
tra la la la la la
There’s a brown girl in the ring traaaaa la la la la la
I’m all alone….the only brown girl in my ring.
I wanna play house but ain’t nobody here look like me.

Recess sucks. I’m always in the sand box……. It does remind me of the beach back home though.

Ladies walk to front line with hands covering face and then check out parts of their face in mirror.

I’m confused when I see these people with skin like the inside of my hand.
Am I normal?

Girls pose.

I mean we all have the same body parts…
UUGH! All these things running through my head.
Where is my own kind?
Alone in this sand box…I want the hands of the school clock to take me home.

Girls whisper Tick Tock” repeatedly.

I wanna play with my older sisters.
My god, my eyes have blisters from looking at all these weird skinned people!
Motion yells “brriiiiiing” for school bell.  And yes you will be doing it 🙂

There goes the school bell again…
I wonder if today I will make a friend?

Girls in a line do stella-ella, Whitney steps out of the line.

Whitney:            Stella-ella-oh-la
tattering, flattering
t-shirts tightening my chest and in the
S-chee-go, chee-go, I’d go
play with Mel and Suz and Sally…
because I had to.

Girls do girlish poses in the background.

Chee-go, chee-go, chat-chat
chating foolishness, girlish things like
(singing) Sally has boy hair, Kelly smells like gas
Mel hates sports and Suz just laughs
Girls laughs.
Gym, a skipper
1,2,3, now quicker,
jump in and skip Phys Ed
tell teacher you bled
perfect red
those period excuses
we were let loose for forth period
we chat-chat-chat

But I liked gym
and basketball and soccer, stalking
all the moves of the best players
(always boys) chalked all my
faults to a smaller
body type
this lady figure
kept me from being quicker
and it wasn’t right
cuz I was a real hard player
but I would layer my boobs
in extra large tees
to hide the girlishness
in me.

S-chee-go, chee-go, Suz plays
soccor but only I know
I tried to play with her once
but she smiled and
offered to paint my toes
pink, and I’m thinking ’bout
a 3-point hot
instead of which boy in math class is

Bel-low, bel-low, bel-low
so blow your snotty nose
Girls say “ewww”.

Girls get into two pairs, Kizzy/Whitney and Shanae/Amber and play Rockin’ Robin. Whitney and Kizzy gesture for Shanae to join them and begin playing Brown Girl in a Ring leaving Amber alone.

Amber:            There’s a brown girl in the ring


Brown girl in the ring


Brown girl, light girl

And all the pretty girls in between

Form rings that exclude me

From that spectrum of bright lights and beauty

I stand on the periphery

Watching a whirlwind of laughter

Lusting after acceptance I think I’ll never have.

If only I could de-kink this hair

If only silk worms spun threads, twisting tendrils from my mind.

If only I could scrub away this black-girl-ness.

I wouldn’t be that

Black girls outside the ring


Black girls outside the ring


Pauses, contemplates her  ‘her-ness’, what separates her from the others.

It’s not so bad. I’m the black girl in my own ring!

Other girls recognize her self-acceptance. They turn in their own circles, singing.

Black girls in a ring, tra la-la-la-la

Black girls in a ring, tra la-la-la-la

Black girls in a ring, tra la-la-la-la

They move towards her showing their own acceptance of themselves, and each other’s differences. They hold hands and sing.

We look like a sugar in a plum (plum plum).

The women hold hands and bow. Lights down.




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