Aneemah’s Spot

bcurrent and MotionLIVE presents the illest play that’s graced the stage. Come on out and support Womenz Wordz facilitator Motion as she premieres here spoken word play “Aneemah’s Spot”, part of the Rock.Paper.Sisterz Festival. Show takes place at May 15th (this Saturday!) at Artscape Wychwood Barns Theatre (610 Christie St), two shows: 2 pm and 5pm.

ANEEMAH’S SPOT: the Base is a stylistic mix of stealthy dialogue, rhyme and spoken word. The funeral of “G” brings Aneemah and Wan together to mourn, and share their histories, as they are forced to let go of the past and choose how they will navigate life, either apart or together, from this moment on.

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Hennessey (a monologue)

by Amahnee


The memories tracing my skin disguise themselves

as your fingertips. When I lick my lips

I taste stale Hennessy-stained kisses,

like bitter grains of sugar,

and wonda

how long before the sweat of your flesh

no longer chokes me? Your phantom smile,

that playground grin of mischief,

still lingers in the shadows.

My breath smells of your promises,

the ones you whispered into my lungs like smoke.

I still cough up the blackened, unfulfilled hopes

and spit childhood dreams unto dirty concrete streets,

pretty rings and first kisses chasing the gutter.

Mommi always said, ‘watch yuhself.’

But images in a mirror aren’t always what they appear;

no matter how long you look.

I try to kill the fear buried in my belly –

but it’s already a dried-up seed, starved of light and love.


How did one mid-summa night touch

become my only truth?

July heat pressin’ down

on our bodies like a heavy hand,

strangling the air,

tryin’ to suffocate those sinista sounds.

But nothin’ can drown the symphony of a city soaked

with sweat, rum and lust.

Those cries grab the heavens,

dance around a mango-coloured moon and fall with the stars

like the glitter from my eyes.


I smelt you,

smelt you before I saw you.



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